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i had a Capital One Account and had some hard time and couldn't make payments on time. I may have missed tow to three payments, next thing i knew my account was turn over to collection agency wanting 575.00 payments for 12 months to pay of the account.

if i could make 500. monthly payments, i would have paid the payments i missed. For 2 years or more I have been making 75.00 a month payments and they will not consider lowing my 28% interest rates.

I owned Ban of America 3 times what i own Capital One and they set my payments where i could meet them and pay off the bill. i have 15 months and they will be paid in full.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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Yeah, uh, that's also why Bank of America *** near completely floundered in the recession and Capital One still turned a ONE BILLION DOLLAR PROFIT the first full year of the recession. They don't take lowball settlements and they WILL get their money BACK from you one way or another.

That's how it works. READ YOUR CONTRACTS!!!!!


You act like capital one should be a charity. How dare they expect to be paid on time.

Please. If your employer did not pay you, would you not be demanding money. If you cannot pay bills, get in touch with a debt counsellor.

It is not really your credit card company's job to help you pay for what you owe. Grow up.


Capital One Garnished everything out of my bank account now I have nothing in my wallet. I was paying every month and even paid that insurance if you got sick and could not pay on your bill.

Well, I got cancer and was out of work for three years. I just got off of disability.

Capital one turned my account over to the court and they ordered the $1000.63 balance that I owed garnished out of my checking account leaving me with nothing in my wallet. Do not do business with Capital One.


they repo my car I live close to Indianapolis Indiana that is were the car was taken to at first with my personal belonging . In the mean time paid 745 dollars part of payment still not told my car and personal belongings were separated.

Went to pay the other part of payment was told my car and belonging had been separated My car is now in Lexington Ky. a 5 hour drive for me. plus I have to pay about 200 dollars to get my belongings back. Now my husband has been laid off for 6 months just went back.

How am I going to get to Lexington to get my car.

where I am gettting the money. May co burn in *** and the 2 guys that own it.


I was past due on payments to Cap One turned account over to United Recovery Systems who said they want $300 a mo I could only pay $150 a mo. All other Credit Card company worked with me on a program, not Cap One.

My balance keeps going up even though they are getting paid each month. 26.1% finance charges balance increased by $3000 over 14 months. This doesn't seem legal for them to put all my payment to finance charges only. My balance will never go down its like not making a payment at all.

Card has been closed for 2yrs. Its not like any charges are being made. Something needs to be done. Cap One won't discuss my account said I have to call URS even though they are getting my money.

URS doesn't work with you. Total Ripp off.