Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Stay away from any dealings with Capitol One Auto Finance. Just have paid off a loan with these sorry people.

Never willing to help. Have literally been lied to by a "supervisor" named TONY, or JOSH, or JONATHON. Am thinking they are all the same person. When I asked to review my call from earlier today that took 40 minutes of my life that I will never get back.

Haggled over 29 cents. WTF. Now mind you I was calling to pay it off, and even my 29 cents!!!!...So now I call them this evening to see if I could talk with Tony, and why he didn't do what he said..he hung up on me, was on HOLD for over 50 minutes waiting for a supervisor...who guess what??? Doesn't speak English either.

Go figure. She assures me that she is "handling" Tony, and he is being talked to...what ever....highly doubt it, as I am not sure anyone is out for the consumer at this company.

My advise is to NEVER EVER deal with this company. EVER!!!

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well all this situations can be easily avoided if you always make your payments on time, dont stop any scheduled payments, read your contract before you sign it, if you do all this you will have a nice EXP in everything so please lets cut the BS and make your GOD Delta Alpha Mike November payments on time


:eek :( :( :( :( :( :? :eek :eek :eek hey jules I 'm in this sssshhhhst.

for two more years. u can't do nothin'n but sue the buttheads. I am . If anyone wants to join u can put the stses attorney office one capitol one .

These people have forgotten where they work, america is the home of the free,brave,and *** kickers. So don'nt u think it's time 4 u to buy your can of --------.holler back


Oh no, I just got a loan from, guess who.... hope my car lasts and I never have to deal with these people!


well....I never did receive ANY letter , or title letter from capitol one....found out I had been talking with a call center in INDIA...no notes made on my account, they LIED about several things regarding my account...they couldn't even tell me the initials of the person that took my final payment, I will never do biz with this company again. Keep the jobs in our country.I have researched Capitol One, wasn't started by a guy from the USA.

never ever AGAIN WILL TRUST, OR use this company again. In suggest no one else does either.


ok COAF....SUNDAY morning..no mail will be delivered today, STILL no letter stating that my loan is paid off...they call it a "title letter", vs. just sending you the title which is yours.

After reading another post on here stating they can take up to 12 weeks to get the title due you...that's just not cool, very poor business practices. IF it takes that long due to their VOLUME of business, then COAF...HIRE PEOPLE, help with the economy. Put people to work. I just can't believe they can get away with this, and & yes this company got a "bailout" .

Going to try & contact them tomorrow AGAIN, see what their answer is.

HA. Once again, THEY get to lie, cheat, disobey the rules, & as a consumer, we get screwed.


UPDAATE.....my "overnight letter" was sent out wed morning at 11:30, according to JOSH...in my voice mail he stated that they have sent my letter out & I should have it in 24-48 hours...seriously??that's OVERNIGHT???

Well it is now Friday night, 8 days later..& NADA,NOTHING,ZIP...ZERO ....nothing from this company.Trying not to call them, as all I am allowed to do is leave a voice mail on their end..UNREAL COSTUMER SERVICE....wow


wow....last talked to this sorry company on friday, aug 20th...was told loan was payed off, that i should be getting a certified letter in the mail, & this female supervisor,or should i say flunky tells me she would come early to work on monday morning, call me & leave a routing number on my phone voicemail. have i heard anything NAW.

bunch of liars, crooks & cheats!!!!...Now when I call them, can't get thru to them at all...so i continue to leave a voicemail on TONY's phone....i am going to be writing a letter to corparate, which their info is posted on the net...doesn't match the info they gave me on the phone.

Really will never do anything with this company again. Suggest anyone interested in getting a loan or credit card from capitol one...WALK AWAY..if not RUN!!!!


adding to the above...one of the guys I spoke with this morning when asked his name, he told me James O'Brien, the man was CLEARLY of Indian decent....I told him your kidding me??? YOUR IRISH????...told him I wasn't born yesterday, & HIGHLY doubted that he was of Irish decent.

Quickly got disconnected....amazing when you call them out, they get rid of your call.

Also after waiting literally on hold for 50 minutes...was proving a point,plus tying up one of their phone lines, when the supervisor did come on the line...I asked why she hadn't come on earlier to tell me she was even looking into my complaint, or let me know she was "working" on it. REALLY, can ya tell I am pissed???

In this day & age of the NEED for decent customer service , it just isn't there. All I can do is hope that what goes around comes around.