Chicago, Illinois

Never, never never ever get a loan from the sharks at Crapital one. The pestered us for months.

They threatened to repo our car because we owed $448.00 left on it and were over two months behind. Finally they called one day and I had had enough. A friend of ours was at our home at the time and we decided to let the person at Crapital one talk to our friend about our situation and account. They did!

Ooops! It was illegal for them to do that. At the time we lived in Springfield, IL the capitol of IL. We told the attendant before we hung up that we were going to Lisa Madigan's office, the IL state Attorney General and that we would file a complaint against Crapital One for illegal collection practices and harassment.

That is the worst thing you can do to Crapital One. We did, and Miss Madigan's secretary fired off a fax within two hours of the call with a seise and desist form to the Florida branch that was hassling us. We never got another phone call ever again from Crapital One. I am sure that someone lost their shorts with a gigantic wedgie when they saw that fax pop up in that Crapital One office.

They hate that!

If you have the opportunity make a personal appearance at your attorney general's office and tell them of your complaint do it. They are paid to help those who have no power and need help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

  • Lisa Madigan
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If you gave them permission in IL they are covered. Pay your *** bill.

a quote: "o hours of the call with a seise and desist form to the Florida branch that was hassling us" It is called a CEASE AND DESIST


So not only were you late on payments, you tricked them into talking to someone else just so you could file against them? And also complained about harassment, what do you think they are going to forget about money that YOU took from them? Sounds to me like they are not the immoral ones in this story.


crapital one is nothing but a pack of Jackals...i paid 800 over a 6 month period and my balance of 1500 went down less than 3 dollars...i called to ask how is this possible.i dont care about late fees pay 600 on a 1500 debt and only 3 dollars off the balance is thievery


You were two mmonths behind and you are complaining because they were calling you? What do you expect, make your payments on time and no problem.