It started out good.... Then, I found out they don't refinance.

So, that right there, sucked!!!! Then, when you call and make a payment they want to charge a ridiculous processing fee. U would think that if a consumer is calling in to make a payment that it wouldn't be such a hassle. Then, when I did call to make a payment over the phone the Capital One employee didn't verify the bank account that the payment was to be pulled from cause I had two different accounts.

Having been in that line of work myself you always verify the information with the customer before you proceed. Yes, I should have verified it with the customer as well I guess.....However, the payment has been coming out of the one account for 5-6 months now. But by the time I realized it it was too late. I was charged fees twice from my bank........

So, I called back and had that other account removed and they told me the steps I needed to do to get the fees refunded. To later get a call from (a "Supervisor") in the Operations Specialist department that I was not getting a refund. Due to the fact that the employee did not note the account of the mix up and that it was his word against mine. To call my bank cause it wasn't Capital One's problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though it so was...... ("The Supervisor") was very unwilling to resolve the situation and not very good at her job. They could have played the tape back if they needed verification!! They eventually agreed to refund half my money and the bank said they might be able to refund the remainder.

I'm just waiting to see if they follow through..... Moral to the story is to verify the account and if you get ("the Supervisor") Good Luck!!!!

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