I got a 300.00 card from Capital One, I charged 260.00 on the card shortly after that I lost my job, I called them to make arrangments and they refused them. It wasn't long I got a bill from them in the amount of 1200.00.

Just starting a new job, I called them and ask the amount and told them I was going to attempt to pay the bill with my tax money. They took every dime I had out of the bank. I am broke.

I called them and ask if they would take payments again. They refused

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I heard that if you are being foreclosed upon, you can demand they produce the original instrument (your actual mortgage paperwork). If they can't, they can't take your home.

It's good for about a year of keeping a roof over your head. They sell your mortgage debt often, so chances are good they can't come up with it.

Good luck, everybody! We are being eaten alive!


Someone needs to part a Ryder Truck in front of their building for being vicious bastards that they are.

Enville, Tennessee, United States #53574

lets hear your thoughts on these thieves--they are destroying our futures as well as our children's futures--it is so bad someone has to speak out--we give billions of dollars for really no reason--other than to line their pockets with more money--america lets speak up--let us not become a land of sheep!!!

Enville, Tennessee, United States #53572

hey terry thats what they do---they sue you and win unfavorable judgements against you with district justices that they know--our systems here in the us is beginning to break down--when does the common guy get a break--they (the credit card companies) borrow at 1% and charge us 24% and on top of that we pay them bail outs--now what did p.t. barnum say?? well asucker is born every minute and i guess looking at this we consumers are the suckers!!!!

Enville, Tennessee, United States #53570

crooks---they give the debt to shady lawyers to get your money and raid your bank account----i will be back to give you the names of some of the lawyers they use--they belong in jail- right nest to bernie madoff--they sell the debt to these shady lawyers for an amount they work out----they take tarp money and screw the consumer--we tax payers are paying for them to victimize us--what a sham!!!!!

Slatina, Olt, Romania #53477

They just can't take money from your bank account, they need a court order to do that. So you were sued and they got a judgement which they addeed attorney fees, court costs, and interest.

Capital one does not play nice

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