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I paid a bill in full on the due date, and because it was late 35 min and yet it was 5:05pm PST and they cut off is 8:00 EST, considering I had to wait for nearly 5 ins to make contact with these moronic people. I tried to discuss this with a account supervisor by the name Adrian who was a total *** and was not going to do a thing for me. They have done this many time before and this time, I will not pay any late charges because I paid it on the due date!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $29.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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"it was late 35 min " Pay On Time...Problem Solved...You're Welcome Look, it's not their fault that you can't budget so that you don't have to try and slide a payment in under the wire. Learn to bank like an adult and you'll be fine.

I will tell you this, pull the contract YOU signed and agreed to when signing up, show them what you're doing is keeping with the terms YOU agreed to and you'll be fine. If not, grow up. Oh, and you probably should pay those late fees unless you don't like your credit. All payments go to the oldest open balance first.

Example, if you owe $105 and only pay $100, the first $5.00 of your next payment will go to the unpaid balance, which BTW, is a late payment.

If you don't have spare money, cut off whatever it is that allows you to post the banal and lame drive. This is the point where you say ," you must work for them."