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My husband and I both have separate cards with Capital One. I reached my limit of $300 and continued to pay on it for the past 2 yrs.

I had it down to at least $235 and they recently added a membership fee and interest then added an over the limit fee and that was because of the fees not me charging anything. They did the same to my husband now he got angry and refuses to pay them anything.

He told them that you can not add any thing but the interest and finance charges if you are at your limit, you can not charge a membership fee if I have nothing available on my card then charge me an over the limit fee. Now I have heard of credit card companies being sued by consumers for this, how is Capital One getting away with it?

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Capital One has hidden fees called "membership fees" they charge you even if u havent activated your card and customer service and the supervisors are no help whatsoever. I told them they charged me a fee which wasnt in my terms and condtions but insisted I was wrong and that I need to pay up or they will report it.

Terrible credit card company.

I dont recommend this card company to anyone even my worst enemy doesnt deserve this "Bull ***" credit card company. I give them a negative 10 out of 10


They did this to me as well. More than once as a matter of fact.

And the worst part is they change the month when they will charge a membership fee every year and they never let you know when they will charge it so there is no way to prepare for the fee or prevent your card from being pushed over its limit by them.

It is an extremely dishonest act on their part that is designed to keep you in debt so they can charge excessive fees which is how they make their money. It's a modern form oh highway robbery and there should be consumer protection laws to prevent it.


You know what, it is BS but ALL credit cards accept charges that puts consumers over the credit limit b/c they CAN and it is in their best interest b/c then they can tack on the over the limit charges and jack up the interest rate. In your case, and I don't know you, you should have been aware that these charges were going to be charged and made appropriate measures to make sure it would not be over your limit.Credit card companies suck and they are devious b/c they CAN BE!Consumers need to fight.I am working on it.I am one of MANY!


Excuse me Jane, what right do you have to post a comment like that? You do not even know me or what my situation is.

People like you are what cause these companies to take advantage of everyday hard working people like myself. I did not even put half of what Capital One has done, so you know jack ***


You can't be serious with this - You couldn't be more wrong if you tried. I am surprised that they gave a credit card to someone like you :upset :?