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we got approved all paper work is signed and turned in because of a address conflict we had to resubmit paper work with our military address and now they denied it cause we will be living on post mind you my husband is military is this legal??????????? i am at my witts end with these people and they cant seem to give me a honest answer why we were denied i have had enough... i am trying to find out if this is legal for them to do once the paper work was done we made our down payment and everything went through can the y go back on something like this...i though once it was done and you signed everything then that was it

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Unfortunately, the fine print states that a contract can be deemed null and void at any given time. They are required to give reason, but even so much as failure to divulge one tiny detail (even in THEIR favor, ie.

extra money you make) can be reason enough (by law) for them to revoke a signed contract. I will be warned though, as I just purchased a vehicle through Capital One and will now need to wait a few weeks to make sure the vehicle is mine.

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