Yesterday I got notice that they are going to sue me for a credit card debt, of which over $1000.00 is interest. I live in Michigan (enuff said right?) and over the past 5 years my income has been reduced from over $3000.00 to $505.00 monthly.

I lost health insurance too. Now while I did indeed use the credit card there is no way I can pay it back. If they would have agreed to a plan which did not include adding interest I may have been able.

1/2 of something is better than 100% of nothing guys.

Location: Reston, Virginia

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So I mean you guys get these *** cards and use up all the money and then complain when they want it back come on if someone owed you money you would want it too. Just like everyone else I have credit card debt and not enough money to pay it all but one thing about me is I take responsibility for my situation I signed an agreement just like the rest of you saying I would pay it back with interest and past due fees you guys need to get off your high horse and get over it


And even after the past due fees they only charge 3 in a row after that it stops to give you a *** break the interest is what YOU agreed to


It is people like you yall are jerks that let these companies get away with murder a multi million dollar company too bad for the credit card you talk down to people but you are the one who is broke and living off credit work everyday for no money and have good credit. You make the 1 percenters richer and make the 99 percent struggle and the card companies laugh at u cause u have pride screw your pride you are part of the problem


Capital One sued me. They filed two credit cards into one lawsuit.

One $300 the other $700. With all of the added fees, damages and their greedy take they sued for over $1700.00. I did not know my rights, account was old and charged off. In Mi.

The judge was not a good one and basically already decided to favor for Capital One, seeing as I maybe said two words and "boom" the "so called impartial" judge ruled in favor of these crooks!! :? I learned a valuable lesson. I'm filing chap.

7 and planned on it before trial..so in the end, instead of working out a payment plan with me..Capital One will now not see a penny!

Greed gets you no where Cap. 1 ,)


When you are sued, you must answer the suit to prevent garnishment. By answering the suit, deny every thing.

They have to prove this. Take a look at your agreement with them. If you have an account from a few years ago- you will notice you can take this out of court. Hint-read the arbitration section.

No roll over. Fight them. There are forums, books you can read to do t

I DONT UNDERSTAND agreement and rollover? i am being taken to court by cap one in aug 21st--i owe them 2100.00 but not surewhat i REALLY owe?

HELP PLEASE???? ffloridaguy1958@***.com


lorida guy i work at walmart and i make 915 an hour and i am part time, most weeks 32 hours, i was barely making it on that, and now capitol one is taking over half of my paycheck after they got bailed out my the goverment and made me sell my house in short sale.. wait a billion dolllar bailout company taking half of my pay at walmart, yes they are.....i got paid 325 for two weeks of hard work at walmart for the last 8 weeks, instead of quitting, i am in the process of filing bankruptcy, but first i am fighting like ***, they made a procedural error and waited too long to serve me one paper, and they are not including health ins, that is req by law as a legal deduction, so i am the first one to fight this in court and i got the court date, they should rot in ***, and it should be illegal for them to take a walmart worker who makes 915 an hour, i have been forced on food stamps and all, to pay capitol one, I had a construction company that went bankrupt in 2008...I never thought i would work at walmart, but I never ever thought a big corp like them could take my little pisley pay, if something don't change, i will be homeless, so I hope they are happy, because right now I can not even afford gas, electric or food, if only they spent one day of their lives as broke as I am, and by the way if anyone garnished me it should be the Irs, i owe them money, from when my business went to ***...Capitol one does not care about poor people, the economy, they prey on the poor, and believe me if you do not have kids under 18, they are coming


I you are beingf sued by Capitol One, go to every hearing because the minute you do not show up they win the judgement against you. Go through all of your statements and really look at them where they have added fees before removing pmts, it is there; trust me.

You will find that they have charged you over draft fees when there was not any and late fees as well. When they add those fraudulent fees the pmt protection fees are the wrong amount because it is based on the total due. Go thru all of the statements from day one, request copies if needed, make sure that you get those before they have revised them because they will. Make copies for the Judge, your Attorney and their Attorney.

The thing is if it is dismissed it will still stay on your credit as the OCC and credit reporting agencies will not remove it. Love our government.

HA! At lease they can not garnish your wages.


If anyone is receiving any kind of public assistance such as food stamps, medicaid, public housing assistance, welfare, etc...Capital one can file and win a judgment against you, however, as long as you are on assistance, they can't do a thing to you!!! You have to show on the financial disclosure ordered by the court that you are receiving government assistance.

Also, if your income is below or at the poverty level, they can't do anything to you either. They cannot garnish your wages, take anything from you, etc. They cannot do a *** thing as long as you are receiving assistance. Capital one won a judgment against me, I am on assistance, and will be filing bankruptcy in the near future.

They wasted their time and money on me because they can't touch me!! ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!


Just got the letter today, im being sued by captial one! my limit was 500 now i owe over $2000.

Whats going to happen? what should i do??


You folks are all doing this wrong-completely wrong. When you are sued, you must answer the suit to prevent garnishment.

By answering the suit, deny every thing. They have to prove this. Take a look at your agreement with them. If you have an account from a few years ago- you will notice you can take this out of court.

Hint-read the arbitration section. No roll over. Fight them. There are forums, books you can read to do this.

You don't need an attorney. Good grief. If someone calls you and tells you owe 500.00 are going to just give it up.

Fight them. You might be surprise what the results may be if you do it right.


The proper way to dispose of unsecured debt is called filing for bankruptcy protection. Since you don't dispute that you owe this debt, why should Capital One have to write off your debt?


Oh yeah they sued my husband too on his card, he owed $500 and was one day late on his payment, he called them and they refused to help, it escallated into over a $1000 and they sued and won. :(


They sued me to and won, and now I'm having to setup a payment plan with the courts because they have destroyed my credit. All because I was laid off and they wouldn't work with me, they kept raising my rates and lying and saying I wasn't getting my payments in on time. BS!


I am being sued for $1500 after I received a judgement in my favor for Capt. One violating my rights.

I got a judgement of $1600 and the debt settled.

They some how are trying to sue me for liquidated debt. Unbelievable!


So the economy is tanking, even after the government bailed out all these banks and what do we get in return? WE GET SUED by Capital One!!

I got served papers today!! I'm being sued for $500 WOW!!


I was sued by Capital One Bank for $2,000.00 balance. Isnt it supposed to be unsecure debt?

I was laid off from job and unemployed and then homeless living with friends to get by. Looking and looking for work. I know I have a debt, but they sued me and when I called to make arrangements with the recover people they said cant you borrow money from someone? I said no, they responded with "looks like you need friends with money and a new family too." I was horrified.

They dont care your situation and will not work with what you can do on down payment and monthly at all. You HAVE to work with their plan or your screwed. Very scary.

Never again will I sign a contract for a credit card like this. what a mistake.


yes i am being sued by them as well i lost my part time job 2 years ago and tried arranging payments with them i was told by a representative that since i didnt qualify for state unemployment i wasnt able to use any payment plans they offer and that full amount was to be paid in full i was making payents and the insurance and other hidden charges they tack on accumulated to where even my payments didnt cover anything they even jacked my apr up to 23.5% but the court statements they area saying otherwise *** corporate crooks.


*** all the credit card people....My mother said when you lend out money your a fool.They are trying not to be fools but they are not loan sharks either!!!I paid them for 6 yrs and never saw a change!!When people fall on hard times thats not a reason for anybody to go after them!!And it happens to grown ups so dont put people down for their circumstances.Credit cards prey on people not help them!!They always have money on their mind!!!


Capital One really does sue people and ruin their lives, I found the judgement.

Google "Case net", should give you the missouri state case management system.

search for case number "09SL-AC07730"

I don't know who this person is but Capital One sued her for $1,500 which cleared out her Bank of America bank account and garnishing her paychecks from Kohl's.

Most cards just put you in collections which kill your credit score preventing you from buying a house, a car, getting an apartment, etc. Capital One actually steals your money immediately like the mafia. Paying rent? #$%@ you pay me. Need to buy food? @#$% you pay me. Buying diapers? @#$% pay me. Why? So we can run more commercials!

How disgusting! I couldn't live with myself if I worked for Capital One, suicide would be preferable to hurting innocent people.



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