Asheville, North Carolina

It's either Capital One Auto or Chase Auto. Out of about 100 calls one person told me and I'm not to sure which they said.

They call me several times a day, treat me with no respect. Don't answer my questions. They ask for someone I've never heard of before. They say they will remove me, it's been 2 months. A minimum of 4 calls a day. I ask for there supervisor and they don't connect me, they DISCONNECT me. I went along with them once just to find out who they are, cause they don't give any information. I am tired of being lied to, I am tired of hearing my phone ring at all hours of the day. I am tired of getting wakeup calls at 8am on a Sunday when it's my only day off! Sunday is a holy day and it should not be used for these *** people to call. Why don't they do there research to find out who they are calling and be polite rather then get angry. I am reporting them to the BBB and will file for harassment very soon. I would love to file a class-action lawsuit against them just for not having there facts straight. STOP CALLING ME! ENOUGH ALREADY. TREAT PEOPLE WITH RESPECT

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hey, if i sign up for a capital one credit card, will they stop calling me?


I answered calls for a while 10 times a day. Told them when I was sure I could get a payment caught up.

Not good enough. Their "people" said, unless I schedule a payment right then on the phone, they will keep calling. Yes they love 8:00 a.m. on Sundays.

Not cause you may be home. The intent is 100% malicious harassment. One rep continued calling me for two days after I got caught up. It's probably good they can use the phone for this intent, because many people would justly do serious harm to them face to face.

What they do is assault from behind a phone and they know it. NEVER EVER give Capital One your valid phone number, and be certain it's unlisted completely because they track it through net spyware if listed at all, even if you're sure you'll have no problems with them.


Capital one can call you 100+ times a day if they would like. They are the loan holders and therefore are NOT bound by FDCPA guidelines.

Those guidelines are strictly for third party collectors. GOOD LUCK!


Capital one is a joke, I lost my job and told them this they don't care. Asked if there was any thing they could do, they replied no. All I wanted was to defer one payment to end of loan.


I too have a Chase acct. Even after I tell them when I can make my next payment and they say they will note it in their file. I get calls that start at 8:05 AM every day.

Their collections people are rude, nasty and uncooperative.


I have the exact same problem. Capital One Auto Finance thinks I am someone else; I have never had any business with any branch of Capital One. I notified them about the issue and they seem to not give a ***. If you find out how to make them stop, please let me know. You can find me by searching my name.

I had 8 messages from Capital One phone numbers this week. Six left only background noise in the message. Two had a person say something "hello? hello?" and then hang up. None declared who they were or what their business was. (My phone is also a Pay-As-You-Go phone, so any call I answer I pay for.) I received a total of about 40 calls from them over the week.

They also call M-Sat between 600a and 700a.


kale - can you read? the post clearly says they are asking for someone she doesnt even know - not asking for her.

If they are asking for someone you don't know, and they have no business with you, they can pay a fine everytime they contact you after being told not to do so.

I dont know the details, look it up on the net. But if they have been told no call - they pay a fine every time they call again.


Actually they ARE allowed to call up to 15 times a day, state law. When you are made contact with by the debt company after that you are done for the day.

Maybe if you answered the call the first time in the morning, it might actually only be one call a day that you get. They're people too. They are not required to leave a message when they call, and because there's a debt owed, it's not harrassment, it's called *** responsibility . .

. pay your bills!

No wonder our country's in trouble, no one thinks you have to pay your bills anymore. Just because you like yourself doesn't mean that you're entitled.


Years ago, I used to work for a credit card company that has since been purchased by another. I was in the collections department and yes, the FDCPA allows calls to be made from 0800-2100 in the customer time zone.

Well, on Sunday I made a call to a debtor who insisted that we should not call on "The Lord's Day". Being that I am a Christian, I responded by saying "Isn't EVERYDAY the Lord's Day!" She sheepishly admitted that it was and made a payment. Another time, I made contact with customer who began cursing me out, including "G-D".

As I was concerned that I may have the wrong person, I asked him if he was still employed by Zion Baptist in **********" He said "yes, why"? I simply said "just wondering".


There must be a law against this type of harrassment. If the FTC is contacted will this help.

I think if you tell them that if they continue to call that you will contact the FTC because of their harrassing tactics.

Tell them that they are not to contact your references and to stop calling you. Tell them to send everything in the mail and that they are to cease with the harrassing phone calls.