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I have maintained a good business relationship with Capital One for the past 10+ years.Never missing payments, and using my Capital One card all the time.

I would even consider myself to be at the top of customers that a company would like to keep. Imagine my surprise when I went to pay my bill and noticed that my Interest Rate Had Doubled! For no apparent reason?? I called their customer service line to find out that I could have declined the change?

but now it is too late?? What sense does that make?

Is it too late to keep a valued customer??Heck Yea it is!

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The same thing happen to me and I'm pissed. This makes no sense. I guess they don't make money off of client that pay on time.


YOU STFU are the ***!Banks used to value a good customer such as Keenanc.

Banks have gone downhill and now once valuable customers who paid on time and were never late are no longer an asset. Deadbeats such as STFU who pay late, rack up fees and have high interest rates are what the banks want now.

Pat yourself on the back STFU.FOOL!


YOU need to STFU yourself Dumb A**. Keenanc is right, banks used to value a good customer. Banking has gone to *** in the last few years and good customers aren't as valuable as deadbeats (probably such as yourself STFU)are more valuable since they never accumulate more interest and charges.


"I would even consider myself to be at the top of customers that a company would like to keep." Yeah...sorry to tell you this but do you think they give a s--t? Nope!

They only want your money. DumbA-s

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