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We are small business owners in the construction field light commercial mason company, at the end of spring things were very scary and being with capital one for 10 years i thought the right thing to do was call and let them know what is going on just in case, well doing the right thing really can ***, we have been locked out of are account for 6 months they won't give us access. On aug 10th are real scary month i made to payment over the phone for aug and sept but instead we sent them 4000.00 my husband was in the middle of doing a line of credit for are company on aug 18th we called capital one to see if we could use one of the checks they sent us for 3000.00 i was told yes there was no problem but we also confronted them that the company for the line of credit said they had reported us over 30 days for aug the supervisor said to give him 3 days to check and he would get back to us which he never did but on aug 24 my bank called and informed me they sent the check back draining are checking an savings account and in the whole thousands, on aug 25th my bank and i called them the bank manager talked with a supervisor and she said it was a mistake and to take another check it's good no problems and make it for 3500.00 on aug 31st my bank called again they sent the check back again, this time we were hit with late fee's returned fee's again and nobody would do anything they really broke us i'm 100% disabled and no money for my meds, food, they turned off my electric cause i was on a plan i had 5days to come up with 700.00.

The worst was we were declined the line of credit, we did receive a letter dated sept 13th that they let the credit company's know but it take about 60 days to come off no one will touch us now I'm leaving a lot out but it has been *** i have called to try and work this out and nothen but they had the nerve to call for my oct payment.

They have gotten very sloppy in there notes when you call and it says your being recorded they don't but they have no idea the letters they sent me and i am looking for an attorney and i am going to bury them they expected us to eat all the bank fee's late fee's i still can't even get a amount to what we lost but I'm going for breach of contract 2x's they gave us permission to use the checks and didn't honor, defamation, fair credit reporting act. If anyone of you have the chance to do a settlement do it and run otherwise this is what is going to happen to you we were going to do the right thing cause it was are bill and like i said what did it get us

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