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We booked two nights at a resort online. The webpage asked for my credit card information ONLY to guarantee the reservation. My card information was used to HOLD the room only.

We arrived and checked into our room. The next day we had friends visit us and they asked if we would like to stay with them that night. We went to the front desk to inquire about checking out after staying only one night (instead of the two we held). We were assured by the man at the front desk that the credit card used to hold our reservation had not been charged and there would be no problem or penalty if we checked out.

Having been given this assurance by the resort, we checked out of our room and paid for our one night using an HSBC credit card.

When we arrived home in October we saw that our Capital One card had been charged for 2 nights (after I had already paid at check-out)! I immediately called the resort and they were adamant that they had no record of the charge in question, saying they had not charged our Capital One card since they had received payment in full from us at check-out.

I called the resort again to verify, and was again told that they had no idea where the Capital One charge came from. When I tried calling the number provided on our Capital One statement I got some obscure message from a company I did not recognize.

That is when I had no option but to dispute the charge.

Capital One would NOT send me the information to finish the dispute! I have record of calling them over FIFTEEN times to get the paperwork required. Finally - SIX MONTHS LATER - the required paperwork was filed.

When I called to check the status, I was then told TOO MUCH TIME HAD EXPIRED! They would not honor the dispute!

This is not the first problem I have had with Capital One. I will close my accounts with them and never use them again. They are an incompetent and untrustworthy company.

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