Birmingham, Alabama

I too have been in several of the same situations as many of these people!!! They do not care. You can forget trying to work with them. Get one day, and I do mean one day behind, they harass the *** out of you and do not stop!!!!!!

Never Again!!!!!!!

These are the most heartless people I have ever worked with and will never do it again and absolutely do not recommend them to anyone. I could never talk to people the way they do, if you can get a person that speaks "ENGLISH"............

Dirty Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad, bad, company. Do not recommend......

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Loan.

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I just checked the BBB or better known as Better Business Bureau. Typed in Capital One and there is an alert for this company who has over 6,000 complaints.

Guess it says it all.

Seems they settled for millions of dollars paid out to consumers who got ripped off by them. LOTS OF BILLING DISPUTES>


Shadows hothead and mewdodoo kick rocks with that bs. cap1 is scamming up and down you guys are idiots and you no it.


They hve a list of over 100 accts. thy must call every acct.

they have no pepper on what u ended up on. They are just doin there job. You should appreciate the calls. They are doin it so u dot get ur cars takin away.

Fine they don't call ur car ends up in repo then it still there fault.. Get a life!


COAF is a company, not a human being. That being said, companies are built on profit, not goodwill.

Capital One shouldn't care about you.

They care about THEIR money they LOANED you. Fix your *** and make your payments on time.


Don't be late on your payments. That's your fault loser. :x