i am like so many other people in this web site. i was a victim of id theft.

i lost my wallet in ok. in 2001 and thought that i had everything cleared.then out of the blue i got a bill from them and i called them and sent them a copy of the police report and even had them tell me on the phone that it was cleared up. i went to buy a truck last week and they said that i was turned down due to a delinque and out standing debt.i call bs to that. i got home and checked my credit history on the internet and what did i find but captial one.

i have had it with that bunch and you are darn right i will have a lawyer on this asap. i hope some darn dumb_ _ _ with captial one has to read this because.what they could have cleared up in 2006 is going to cost them a lot more than the 1500 they say is owed to them aint going to be nothing to what i will be after.

in closeing captial one is a bunch of crooks and should have their doors closed forever.

but my grandfather always said don't get in a *** contest with a skunk. captial one your going to meet the skunk......

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