Schoharie, New York
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we have paid our payment every month and have all the receipts to prove it they are just now telling us we are behind one payment.we ask them how when we have all the receipts they tell us that our January payment was kicked back to our debit card but yet you look through our statements and it shows they took the money but never put anything back.they call and harass us just about every day not a one can speak English,we ask when this money was suppose to have been put on our card and each one gives us a different date.we have printed out our bank statements and sent them to them,next step is to get a lawyer and sue them

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Loan.

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If you indeed have all the proof that they're wrong, file a dispute.

How could they "kick back money to your debit card" is a better question...


Thinking abount that you are current. Debit is an immediate withdrawal. Maybe if you mailed in a check i could see that happening but not a debit.


Try asking for your transaction history, ***. Next step is to get your head out of your ***. By the way, I'm sure the people who work in Capital One speak better English than you.


so un-professional. stay off the computer your an ***. you must work for Capital one.