Germantown, Maryland

I have a gm card with a $14000.00 credit line. I was away on business and when I got home my son found a ups folder in the front door.

I found a duplicate credit card in it that I did not ask for. I called capital one and was told that I called and told them my card was damaged and I asked for a duplicate card  to be sent to some address in Chicago.  Fortunately for me they screwed up and sent it to my home back east. I told them to lock my account and send me a new card with a new number.

We set up a password so I could use my card if I called in. Then at a store I called in and was told I can't use my card. They tried to put me through a verification process but they got locked out of the website. Then they told me I have to send in a copy of my driver's license and copies of utilities to get my credit card back.

I keep asking for a supervisor but I get told they will call me within an hour. 5 days later, no call and I have asked 3 times. I have no intention of giving them any more information about me. Had they been more careful about giving out a duplicate card to an address not my own, we wouldn't be here now.

 Their customer service is lousy  and many of them have poor English.

I have put a ton of money through that card and I have excellent credit. This is how they treat their customers

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