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I have a CapitalOne Visa small business credit card for convenience. I wouldn't ever consider carrying a balance nor use the checks that they frequently send. I feel that existence of those checks is risking one's financial security because it is so easy for someone else to get their hands on them and use them for themselves.

Supposedly one can contact CapitalOne and have them stop sending the checks. I've done so 2x. Last time I asked them to discontinue was just before Christmas 2010. I was told it could take up to 30 days to stop.

Since that time I've received 4 or 5 sets of the checks with the last coming on Feb. 8 with the January Statement (way more than 30 days). I'd think that since security is involved, they'd chase after the same day's outgoing mail and intercept any checks and stop sending them immediately. But they don't. It's because CapitalOne hopes that someone will else will get and use the checks they send to you so they can charge you for the other person's use.

While they continue to put my finances at risk due to their behavior, they try to sell me service to protect against unauthorized use. They are clearly trying to suck $ from you in whatever unethical way they can. I imagine that their employees with a conscience have trouble sleeping at night.

I'd strongly recommend staying away from CapitalOne!

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i had a dispute with a car rental overseas - for example - the invoices they (car people) submitted to capital one via fax had my signatures obviously photocopied - they'd cut the slips so that one overlaid the others that they submitted - cap one's "fraud department' agreed with me but their "dispute department" claimed that i was "late" disputing it (because I was busy dealing with their "fraud department" . i don't use cap one anymore - thinking of running up a debit with them and not paying it or taking them to small claims court -such a nuisance - only reaso i have a credit card is to "rent cars" and the 2 industries are in cahoots with each other - why has the government shrunk the FTC budget