Minneapolis, Minnesota
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This company needs to go out of business!! We hit a deer with or vehicle that is financed through them .

Our insurance company made the check out to them and us. Their policy of course. They will not endorse the check and send it back so we can fix it anywhere we want. Their customer service is horrible they do not want to listen orhelp their ustomers what so ever.

They just want to steal our money. I also did complain to the BBB and others should too!!

They are rip off artists and do not care about any thing .

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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Wow after reading your story, I am nervous for my own vehicle, and scared that what may happen. I have fallen behind in my payments, worked out payment arrangements with them but had jokingly said to friends "I hope I don't get caught up in payments and have them take it anyway!" Now I'm scared that may actually happen! Last time I scheduled a payment with them they claimed I had broken 4 "commitments" already, I thought to myself that sounded like alot but didn't question it....now I think I should.

Sorry to hear about your story but thank you for sharing.



Why would you presume they would take the money and run in the first place. If you read my story you will understand that you are the *** not these people. I trusted Capitol One to do the wrong thing, now I'm the *** one.



My brother was hit by an 18 Wheeler while driving my car. The trucking company insurance agreed he was at fault and agreed to pay a sum of $6800.00 as payment for the car due to damages. The insurance company issued a check to myself, my brother and Capitol One. We went back and forth day after day with Capitol One on who should sign they check first. Capitol One refused to sign the check so that I could have the repairs made at the body shop of my choice. They insisted that I have the repairs made then they could repay me for the repairs. The repair cost was over $4500.00 I didn’t have that kind of money but Capitol One did, it was my insurance check sitting in somebody’s desk.

We finally found a body shop who agreed on the phone with Capitol One to do the repairs and fax them the bill, Capitol One agreed. The body shop owner had spoken to two different ladies at Capitol One several times over the next two weeks that the car was in the shop, confirming the repairs and approve cost.

On Aug. 7th 2008 the car was ready to be picked up, when my brother Mark went to get the car the body shop owner told him Capitol One was refusing to pay for the repairs or the car rental fee’s they had agreed on.

My brother phoned me while I was on vacation an told me what had happened, I called Capitol One and sure enough they convinced the insurance company to write a second check for $6800.00 to them only. Capitol One said they applied the check to the balance of my account. How can they do that my payments were up to date even though the car not drivable for two months and in the body shop for two weeks.

When I called them they said there was nothing they could do I would have to pay the repair shop myself, and that I had a payment due three days ago. I asked what did the insurance check cover, meaning what months, the lady said the check was put at the end of the note, that's why I'm going to have to keep making payments. They told me that with the insurance check was paid on the account my balance was less than $4000.00.

I went to the body shop and explained the problem, they called Capitol One and was told the same thing. Body shop is out over $4800.00 for repairs I don't have the money to pay for, the body shop has put a lean on the car, against myself and Capitol One.

To top it all off I had a second vehicle finance though them. While trying to get the money together to try and recover my car, I had contacted Capitol One they suggested that I make an interest payment which I did for that month. When the payment was three weeks late I went out and it was gone, having a feeling Capitol One had taken it and once again my instincts were right, they had repossessed my truck even though I had made the interest payment confirmed they received it now they couldn‘t find those records, of course they couldn‘t. I lost a car and truck that I had been paying on for three years, my credit is ruined, I’m having trouble getting financing for another vehicle.

Talked with several attorneys but they said there is no LAW to prevent the insurance company or Capitol One from doing what was done. Who interests am I paying insurance for, my investment in a car or Capitol Ones.

Melody Lee

North Richland Hills, TX.





You are a *** retard people need their money to have their cars fixed