I don't know if y'all think you're the only company in the world or what. But I'll just tell you right here and now, I,ve never charged $5,000 dollars to any credit card and I,m not *** enough to ever do so.

I don't even remember ever using a Capital One credit card for anything, but you seem to think I did. Well I keep getting this bill from y'all and it keeps getting bigger and bigger I guess from the maximum interest you "try" to charge me.

Come on you fools, I'm not going to EVER pay you 1 cent towards the $5,000 and some dollars you say I owe you, so why don't you 1 quit paying postage for absolutely no reason and 2 save a tree in the forest, which our greedy species, "the human being" is going to screw up the world for all the life in it anyway!!!

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If they're saying you have an account with a 5000 balance, and you've never opened up a credit card....TELL THEM IT'S FRAUD AND CONTACT THE CREDIT BUREAUS TO DISPUTE! Morons.


:( I had a fraud issue with my Capital One credit card. Called the fraud dept - got 2 letters dated the SAME DAY!

LETTER 1) No fruad on your account...we've removed all the charges. LETTER 2) After our investigation - we found there was not fraud and we've re-applied all the charges back to your account. "We value as a cardholder and look forward to our continued realtionship." Riiiggghhhtt. Tried calling back - Cusomter Fraud Protection guy assigned to my case kept transferring me to anyone else in the company every time I called.

I'd end up with someone one the phone who had no idea why I was tranferred to them and I'd spend hours working my way back to the guy I was told was the only person I could talk to to resolve my case. Left repeated voicemails, complained to supervisor after supervisor who indicated that they're reported him to his own supervisor and that they'd make sure he'd call back....and nothing. How can I resolve my case if he won't talk to me????? It took a letter to the Ombudsman (OMBUDSMAN@CAPITALONE.COM), a report to the police and threat of legal action to get the over $4,000 worth of fraud fixed.

Good luck to anyone with a capital one card. I've cancelled mine. Good riddance.

Maybe they think if they screw with you long enough - you'll just tire of it all, pay it and go away. Well, they screwed with the wrong girl.


call 800-427-9428 - that's their fraud dept phone number file a lost and stolen report and tell them that the balance is incorrect and if there are any charges that you did not do, tell them that there's fraud. simple and easy


You are *** for actually HAVING this problem.

If you didn't charge the card, that is extremely easy to prove.

You probably had your identity stolen and don't even realize it.

How retarded you are... it's sad.. and here you are talking *** about something we're doing to trees.

FYI ***: Trees grow back

Shut up.

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