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I payed off capital one acc. then they charged me 700.00 on an acc.I did't use, they would not send statements or *** credit report,5 yrs.latter sent wife a collect.

notice for 925.00 for which we know nothing about!!!!! RUINED MY CREDIT, Why can,t the feds control such unsruplolus practices from companies that continue to decieve and pilage the unsuspecting and poor ? I am going to lodge my complaint with F.T.C and my congressman and senator and B.B.B.

and to whom ever will listen. Advise all to do the same !

Monetary Loss: $923.

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This is a repost that I am posting on every Cap one post in hopes that no one will give this company the time of day.

Had our account for 11 years.

NEVER a late payment and always a good customer. We got a "change of terms" in the mail stating that our interest rate was going from 10.5% to 17.99%!!! I called and asked them why and after waiting 20 minutes on hold I got to speak to a person I could not understand and only told me that it was stated on my change of terms mail why. No it wasn't I said.

They finally told me that it was because of my account activity. I asked what exactly they meant because I have an excellent record with them. She told me she couldn't say why. I closed my account.

No more credit cards for us. If anyone is thinking of getting a new credit card right now, please think it through and don't forget to read any fine print.

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