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I recieved a message on my computer about recent charges on our card (My wife of 45 years and I), we put my wife as primary to give her some kind of credit reference in case something happened to me. I was listed on the same bill with a different number with the total bill added together.

When I went to verify the charges, I had every current charge listed this billing period in order over $1500.00 dollars worth, with all the correct S/S, DOB and SCS numbers for both cards. Note: my wife was away at the time had no way to verify any charges and her card was no good, a bad place to be caught in. I had every number and any information that could ever be requested e-mail etc and was unable to activate. WHAT THIEF WOULD HAVE ALL, I MEAN ALL THE INFO THAT COULD BE USED TO verify an account, I just wanted to verify the charges I Had all the the numbers to give to them.

They notified me on my computer, my e-mail, Wife Not good with computers, were both retired and 67 years old, we don't have all the new fancy stuff, just and old computer and the US Mail, just like many other older people, we worked things together. After I called to attempt to verify the blocked my access to the account, my part of the account as well, of course my ID# and P/W. We probably charge near $20 grand a year, and they don't want us as a customers, so now I am looking for a different card vendor, Our credit Number was near 814, It shoud be higher!! but I couldn't verify our card, we don't have an ATM or other cash card so they left my wife in a bind until she could verify, needless to say very unhappy with capital one.

thay acted like take it or leave it. so good by capital one!!!

I will find a card company that will appreciate our business. I just wanted to Verify charges, They did not have to give out any Info, just a yes or no on a charge , maybe over fifty, No thief would have all that info.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Customer Care.

Reason of review: customer service.

Preferred solution: better customer service, I didn't get any kind of service, just the standard answers that they gfive to get rid of you..

Capital One Cons: Lqe541 and jis516 and others.

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To my understanding, there's no such thing as a "joint credit card". You're either an authorized user, with limited access for obvious reasons, or you're not.

The only thing I can think of is two authorized users on a business credit card, but this doesn't sound like that.

From my understanding of retail and banking, the associates don't care about your debt, spending habits, balances, etc.

They just want you to open an account and be satisfied with their service.

I don't think this is a valid compliant, just old people with the disabilities of not being able to keep up with technology and a misunderstanding of the way an authorized user on credit cards work.


I've worked in credit card lending and married couples can have joint credit card accounts with joint access. I don't know if this is the case with them or not. I just wanted to relay that you can indeed have joint ownership with credit card accounts.