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I tried to make a purchase on Quicksilver card I have had for over twenty years. I was using their eno virtual card feature.

I never disclosed the actual card number to the merchant. The merchant is online and headquartered in Spain. The purchase was declined and the reason sent back to the merchant was insufficient funds. This was an incorrect code.

The first time it triggered an email to verify it was a legitimate attempt at a purchase. I responded right away to the email. Two days later I tried the purchase again and it was denied again. I called Capital One customer service verified everything and they said it would work.

Tried again-failed. Called Capital One customer service verified everything again and they assured me it would work. It failed again. When I called back they said my account was restricted and they could not help unless I uploaded my un redacted driver license.

I was not comfortable with this. They said they would keep it for seven years. I offered to have a letter or a proof of identity affidavit notarized but they would not offer any alternative solutions. They could not answer any questions about how uploading my drivers license could prove it was me.

If someone stole all my credentials they could have just as easy stolen my drivers license. I did upload a redacted version to prove I had it but it wasnt accepted.

User's recommendation: Don’t trust them!

Location: Spokane, Washington

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