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I use a Capital One Credit Card exclusively and have a large sum of money in a savings account at Capital One which I plan to move. I see that you are an advertiser on ABC.

I am appalled it the behavior of Whoopi Goldberg’s behavior toward Judge Jeanne when she was an invited guest on The View.

I would hope that your company will let ABC know that you do not support this behavior. Whoopi just showed herself as an intolerant human being with no civility..

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I will let C1 know by the virtue of my large deposit I support ABC keeping Goldberg on the air.As to you, buh bye...


I have a Capital One Master Card that I have perfect credit with. I use the card and have made every payment on time and usually pay the balance in full.

They sent me a You're pre-approved for an Auto loan email. I talked to their customer service representative and explained my situation. They understood that I am a student and that student loans were part of my income. They verbally told me that the student loans as part of my income was not a problem to qualify for an auto loan.

They lied. They called me a week later and said that they do not accept student loans as an acceptable income and denied my loan.

They then transferred me to another department so they could say the same thing. What was the point in wasting more of my time saying the same thing.