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12-15-20 i have had this card for about 4 years right after johnny morris and goldman sachs bought cabelas. that is the ONLY reason i have it, because johnny changed from bank of america mastercard to your visa card and because he got a better spiff from you when you made his loan.

since that time, this is the FIRST time my score has ever been over 800. before i had your card, it was ALWAYS way above whats the deal

also, i have been doing the same dam thing every month for years....i pay off my complete balance each and every month

so, how come with you people, it jumps all around in the 700's?????

soon i will be upset enough with you, i will write a letter to johnny telling him how you have treated me and cut your card in two

User's recommendation: NEVER go with capitol one...they dont know what the *** they are doing. maybe you do, but the trans union credit you have, totally sucks.

Preferred solution: EXPLAIN to me why my credit score is all over the place and not where it should be.

Capital One Pros: I get a ding on my phone whenever something is purchased.

Capital One Cons: Credit score.

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