San Diego, California

Had linked my checking account with Cap One bill pay and found 2 days ago an attempt by them to charge entire card balance to checking account after I had authorized a $50.00 payment. It took an hour at my bank and an hour on the phone with very incompetent, robotic customer service to get them to cancel the attempted withdrawal from my bank account.

Today I see they are now charging me interest on the $3000.0 cash advance that isn't due to have interest until Jan. 2012. I spoke with three very similarly robotic employees obviously going off a script and not responding to what I was telling them. Perhaps they can speak some English, but obviously weren't understanding much of what I was saying.

It took many attempts by myself to get them to admit that no, I did not have any late payments, nor had I exceeded my credit limit. Despite this, they couldn't connect the dots to see that perhaps I shouldn't be charged this interest. I shudder to think they may do something unwarranted to my credit report. There was never any consideration or concern that perhaps there might be something amiss with their online bill pay.

This despite recent emails notifying of some problems with their security!

To no be able to discuss a problem with an English speaking individual with some common sense is completely unacceptable for a business such as this.

As frustrating BofA can be at least I could speak with a real person who had some problem-solving authority and ability and get it resolved on their end of it. Capitol One is bad news AVOID THIS COMPANY--THEY ARE DANGEROUSLY INCOMPETENT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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I am currently appealing a decision that they made that affected my credit score. If I do not get satisfaction, I will back to you. Right now very displeased with them.


I think Capital One's commercials pretty much expose the true mentality of their organization.