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I get at least 4 robo calls a day from Capital One. Each and every one of them hangs up as soon as I answer.

They know I do not tolerate these non stop calls and I made it quite clear that when we tell them what date we will pay, do NOT call my house every single day before that date or I will blow out an ear drum with my whistle. SO they decided to put me on the robo caller. I get calls that are automated robots that either hang up on me the second I say a word OR they just go on and on and on and as soon as I hang up, you got it, I get another call! Also, am I the ONLY one that notices that I can go all day without making or receiving a call, then the second a call is made to or from my phone they start calling?

It feels like they are monitoring my phone activity to be sure to call when someone is home accepting or making calls.

I am willing to bet they are using some kind of software that allows them to monitor this activity.

Bad business, Capital One, Bad Business.

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You sir are quite ***. Just saying... this didmake me laugh.


Well its sounds like you are on an automated dialer because you are past due...call in they I'll help you resolve this issue.

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