Gainesville, Florida

capitol one is the absolute worst financial insitution out ther they try to devise ways to make you fail, I have been paying a car loan for five years without fail on time they then at the end of the loan lifr coun days you did not pay exactly on the due date (due date on the 8th of each month online banking sometimes takes a day or two to submit to them sometimes they would recieve payment on the 9th or 10th at the latest falling well within grace periods allowed by all othe institutions now they say I owe an additional 87.00 bucks and I can no longer submit this final *** payment via online banking I have to send a money order to plano texas,what a *** institution please if you are considering any business with them you should really re-consider, lets put them out of busines!!!

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it's called simple interest loan. look it up for details but those 1 or 2 days where costing you a few bucks every time in additional interest.

be very lucky it's only 87.00 I see them day after day where its 4 thousand, 5 thousand even as high as 6 or 7 thousand as a final payment. people think by paying every month 30 or 60 days late is ok but that 600 payment end up going to late interest only every month.


same as with me but they show on my credit that they have a repo on my car witch i have sent there final payment 6 different times it is 112 dollars i have sent to 6 different place where they return it to me saying i am sending it to the wrong lean holder.


You should be happy it is ony 87.00 bucks they want from you. Big deal.

After I submitted my final car payment to Volkswagen Credit, they said I had one final payment of $1,500.00 left. My car payment was only $265.00 to begin with. VW Credit refused to give me the title to the car. I fought it for 5 years.

They put a deragatory remark on my credit report that eventually Experian took off.

I personally have never had any trouble with Capital One. If I were you, I would pay the 87.00 because it is not worth risking a negative credit report over.