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If you find a fraudulent charge on your capital one card, do not waste your time trying to resolve it.

You will be put on hold over and over. They will send you a letter telling you the dispute has been resolved only to keep charging you for the disputed charge and tacking on late charges on top of that.

Unless you have unlimited time to waste on the phone with incompetent associates, I suggest you pay the bill and close the account immediately, report them to BBB,file a report here, and never do business with these legalized loan sharks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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Well - wow Capital One resolved my credit card issue with a company called - they added a 19.99 per month auto billing thing on my card, I called them, they put me on hold trying to contact the merchant, had no luck, then after 10 more minutes they contacted intelius and put me on a 3 way call, had the merchant cancel the account and reverse charges..... Capital One is Great, you other guys prob f'd up and were toooo picky and fussy about what u bought... soooo


2004 reported card stolen..sent all documents and received statement with a zero balance and the fraud charge removed. Since then 5 collection agencies trying to collect, I send in the documents and they drop my account.

Today Capitol One sent a letter stating they have put on my credit report an R-9 rating. What is a girl to do??


Capital One is the most incompetent institution I have ever dealt with. I agree with Bruce, Spent hundreds of dollars on phone calls and time in the matter, faxed as well as sent hard copies of my rebuttal for the dispute, just for them to lie about receiving the material and reversed the billing for the merchants favor.

Here's the kicker, their dispute department is handled overseas, yet they want you to handle recourse in the states. How on earth do you communicate that between department.

Also have a fraud case that they keep re billing me for. I am definitely done with this moronic company. What happened to America?


Done with Capitol One Credit Card. I always carry a zero balance on my low limit 2k$ card, used it for an auto repair that was faulty.

Reversed the billing did everything they asked for and they again reversed the billing in favor of the merchant. They put me on hold for hours, lied to me about receiving information from me and it goes on and on.

The language barrier made it even more difficult to try to do business with them I am done! AND, I feel lucky to be done.


Don't count on a closed account not coming back to *** you. I closed an account with them 5 yrs ago & now that account has $6,500 in fraudulent charges on it.

Now I'm fighting them on that & the fact that they were negligent in issuing new cards for an account that had benn closed for yrs.It's my understanding that a closed account is supposed to stay closed, but not in this case.I just don't understand how these people can be so ***. Crapy Hole One SUCKS.


Tried to speak to manager, was given to another associate, had to start all over. This associate could barely speak English and when I asked him for the manager, he just kept repeating himself. After half hour on the phone and not one step closer to a resolution, I got pissed and hung up.

Easier to pay the bill and close the account.


Nope, just ask for the manager, and stuff in writing. Per the card agreement you are not responsible. You have to be patient, soft spoken but forceful. Not mean, state what you mean and stick too it. "I'm not paying for something I didn't purchase and if you can't help me I'll gladly hold for your manager and when that done I'll speak to that person's manager." IF their is anything on your bill you don't understand, ASK for a detailed or dumped down explanation.

There is ALWAYS paperwork with fraud items, ask for the fax number and fax back the information to them, and get a number to call back so that you have verify that they have received your paperwork. And just how long until you will know the results.

It's your life and your business, you are entitled to know what is going on, but YOU have to ask. They're not going to tell you.