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I paid off my auto loan nearly a year ago. Cap One has not released the lien on my title, altho I have called them numerous times. I have been assured my loan is paid in full and title will be sent in 30 days over & over. A year later what can I do? I can't sell this car -state won't issue me title with the lien still in place.

I was beset by numerous "fees" from Cap one Auto during the life of, and at the end of the loan, [All of which I grudgingly paid) Now I can't "own" my car- is this not auto theft on their part?

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Same problem on two different cars. This is ***


please does anyone have a number for human contact with capital one?


I am having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM with them. They keep assuring me that I will receive it in "10 business days".

They are holding my car hostage as I can't trade it or sell it until they release my lien. DO NOT GET A LOAN WITH CAPITAL ONE!


They are giving me the run around to and it was totally paid-off years ago. They are in violation of their policies.


I am going through the same thing motorcycle. They claim they do not understand why I need the lien released.

I tried to tell them I had it sold, but could not because of the lien.

I paid it off in Oct 2014 and 18 months later, they still will not release it. I am going to talk to an attorney about this.


I purchased a Used car and Capital One has the actual title. I paid it off in April.

According to Capital one, they were to send it in 10 days. I contacted them and they said "We had an error and forgot to send it" Today, 59 days later, I still have no title.

The person that was purchasing the vehicle has given me 72 hours, or he will not buy it. Do I have any legal recourse ?


I'm buying a car that is from out of state and the owner of ther car has a lien on it. She states that it has been paid off and that I have nothing to worry about.

She has the title and everything, but has no released letter from the bank about the lien; well she had some letter, but it did not state anything about the lien beign released. On the tile it states that it was released last month..Wanted to know if that was good enough to buy the car and have no trouble getting it in my name?


Have you checked online with your state? Most titles are electronic now.

You won't see a paper title. Also may want to check with your state first since all COAF does is send the lien release to the state and then it's up to them to complete the process.