Madison, Wisconsin
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Capital One Auto service is worse than the DMV and IRS combined times 10. They are systematically unhelpful.

They harass, mislead and lie. If you fall behind in your loan they call you every day and ask the same questions. They never make any notes about conversations or information obtained and they don't really care. We bought a new car and financed through them.

We made 46 on time payments out of 60. I had a cardiac arrest and was hospitalized. We had lost considerable income including a business that helped support the car payments. We continued to make payments of at least 85% each month and requested numerous times about help to reconfigure the balance of the loan to allow us to continue to pay at 85%.

They told us it was not possible. A guy name Ahmed told us if we made a complete payment we could apply for a hardship. We made the arrangements to pay, and he told us we would receive the application by email in a few minutes, he even told us he talked to his supervisor about it. The email we received told us we did not qualify for a hardship application.

We took very good care of the car, it was a 2006, with only 26,000 miles on it. We did not buy it with the intent of defaulting on the loan, we made 77% of the payments in full and on time.

We sold the car at a loss to cover the loan.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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