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I have had the worst customer service through Capital One that I have ever experienced in my 32 years of banking. Unfortunately after Wachovia was bought out I moved my account of 20 plus years to Capital One.

They have a lot to offer as far as their services, but their Customer Service is absolutely HORRIBLE! I pay my bills through the online banking. I have 2 auto loans going to the same place and due on the same date. Capital One took the money from my account the day it was due, but according to them, they actually send an electronic draft.

My credit union did not receive one of the checks, so after 10 days I received a late notice. Seeing that the funds were withdrawn on the date they were due, this confused me. I called Capital One and they had no idea what to do, no suggestions. I requested they call my credit union and inform them that in good faith I paid my payment on time.

In the mean time, they were supposed to send another check. After another 4 days, and still no payment, and now my Credit Union has put a freeze on my funds there, about $4000, I'm out $4600 with the double payment. I called Capital One to tell them NOT to send another check because I was going to pay it myself. I wanted my account credited immediately!

I got their scripted response, "the money will be credited back to your account in 2 - 4 days. Six days later no credit, I call once again, asking for someone that could help me. Guess what you cannot talk to anybody other than customer service to make a complaint, you have to write to them. Long story short, 21 days later I get my money back, 9 days after I paid it a second time.

NOW....they sent the 2nd check anyway, my credit union deposits it and it's returned for stop payment. I now get charged by my CU $15 for returned check. I write Capital One online to request a refund for their error in sending a 2nd check out. Their reply is that they do not feel responsible for the charge, that my CU should not have cashed it.

So...I get stuck with the charge. I explain that this whole situation has been nothing but a nightmare and I will consider moving my account elsewhere if not refunded. Guess what???


Definitely a first ever for me with banking!!

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