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Update by user Jun 21

After many attempts and many hours, I finally got a USA representative that understood English Perfectly. She was able to solve the problem and dispute the fraudulent charge in a matter of minutes, she froze card and has a new one on its way.

Wow, had I got a USA rep to begin with, it would have saved me a near heart attack, massive blood pressure spikes and 3 hours of my time. I lost so much time trying to deal with customer service that did not understand English, they could not even figure out how to bring up my account. It was crazy, you ask for USA rep, they put you on hold for 20 to 40 minutes, then another non-english person picks up, sorry for wait, we are still working on getting you to USA, please hold.. click they hang up, or send you back to the front of the queue with another non-english understanding person...

It was really bad, I had ten minutes to take care of this problem and it took over 3 hours. I highly recommend against Capital One Credit Cards, if your card is used fraudulently, they make it nearly impossible to dispute because they refuse to let you talk to anyone that understands English...

Really Said, bad for business, bad for customer and bad for anyone like me that owns stock in them. I am starting to understand their extremely low valuation.

Update by user Jun 21

Finally reached a USA English Speaking Rep after 3 hours, solved problem in 3 minutes

Original review posted by user Jun 20

The force you to go through non-english speaking people, if you ask for USA, they usually put you on hold for hour or longer and then hang up on you. It is impossible to dispute a fraudulent charge, because they don't understand English, they keeps saying yes I will take care of it for you, but they never do..

They just lie and say they fixed it.

I have been on hold, hung up on, and given the run around for over 3 hours now trying to dispute a charge on my credit card. It is ridiculous, I used to love Capital One, I Now Hate Capital One.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Their fraud department sucks. We were scammed out of 9000 bucks and they did nothing.

I guess they would rather write the loss off on their taxes because we stopped paying them immediately. Take my chances with collections.


Wow, that is absolutely horrible, mine was only a $135 scam.. first they said I had to report it to comcast, comcast said no report it to bank, bank said no report it to comcast, which I did and comcast kept pretending like they were gonna take care of it and never did.

Finally gave up on them shysters and went back to the bank to report it and was not gonna take no for an answer. I was really hoping it would be taken care of without having to get a new card, but that seemed to be the only solution. Shut the old card down and have another issued.

So much wasted time. If I had gotten someone that spoke English from the get go, it would have been taken care of in minutes instead of months and many hours wasted on the phone.


No problem... Drop C1 and go to another bank...

Wait, you say banks, cable companies and nearly everyone else in this country is outsourcing to India or the Philippines?

Look, you people who want low-cost everything asked for this. Want US based reps or anything else made here, ask to pay more for it..


This Is American, USA.. English Only, none of this push one for English BS. Build the Dang Wall and keep the *** out.


LOL while you're distracted by walls, the squad, and other nonsense, US companies with the full blessing of the government are outsourcing any US job not nailed down to places like India, Philippines, Slovakia(although you may not have a problem here for obvious reasons) and of course Mexico. They're doing this despite the fact that the wall builder gave them huge tax breaks...

Something the wall builder promised he would stop in 2016 Look, Big business doesn't care about YOU or your belief that agents should speak perfect English when you call in. All they know is shareholder value... They count on your ignorance and easy to distract nature to allow them to get away with this,' Thanks for playing... P,S.

Everyone who can is outsourcing to foreign call centers that have restricted screens that don't allow them to do much.

While waiting on the wall, you're going to wait on hold for an overworked, last of a dying breed Yank manning the phones here at home. Assuming this agent is really here and didn't move to one of these countries to keep their jobs..