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I have been a Capital One customer since the late 1990's. Decided to close my accounts (2 total) in early 2008. Discovered this month (June 2008) that one of the two closed accounts had a once-every-3-years charge done to it in middle March.

The difficult part of this is 3-fold:

1) No statement of outstanding balance since March.

2) I have gathered late fees, interest, and (I'm sure) dings on my credit report for not paying this charge.

3) Only when Capital One offered to waive the phone payment fee for me here in June (my first notice that I had an outstanding balance) did I figure out that I had an outstanding balance.

I spent 2 (two) hours on the phone this morning with Capital One. 4 (four) customer service reps, including one manager, asked me to hold for a transfer, only to hang up on me.

The 5th person I spoke to, a second manager, told me (after I had walked through a payment process and a refund of the charge in March) that I would be dinged for interest every day while I was waiting for the charge refund. 1st person to say this! We would have begun this dance all over again with interest unpaid, for how long?

Every person I spoke to was clearly working from a script. When I asked where they were located I was told Utah, which (unless the East Indian population has increased dramatically) was clearly untrue. Note that I didn't ask where Capital One was located, but where the customer service reps ar located.

And, of course, while they are happy to process credit card payments over the phone or by web, the only recourse for a customer service complaint is a P.O. Box in Salt Lake City.


1) I will never, ever use Capital One for any credit services again.

2) I will burn lifespan telling everyone in my universe that they, also, shouldn't use Capital One.

3) I will use Capital One as an example to the customer service training programs I do of how NOT to interact with customers, or for that matter drive business.

4) I will assume that Capital One has so little interest in customer service that they will let the above customer service experience (5 reps!) be the standard for their behavior.


Santa Clara, CA

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