I have both credit cards and normal checking and savings accounts with Capital One. Thank god the customer service for these two are different.

Customer service for banking is HORRIBLE. Over the years I have had supposed "fraud" on my account and have been reissued new debit cards. You would think this was a good thing. WRONG. Nothing is more annoying than having to log into all your services that reference your debit card for monthly payments and have to change them.

So the latest one that has got my panties in a twist was a letter I received a week ago stating that my card was going to be closed and would I kindly activate the new debit card that had been sent to me. All I kept thinking was 'what debit card?'

I called customer service and was basically re-told what was already in the letter, like I was incapable of reading. She then preceded to tell me that this was an automated letter and she could see no information on my account that said they were closing my debit card.

Sounded fishy. I asked to speak with a supervisor that when asked swore to me left, right, up, and down that my debit card would not be closed.

Fast forward to Monday, lunch time. I go to use my debit card and well wouldn't you know, it doesn't work. So as a prudent individual I log into my account to check my balance. I was certain that I had more than enough money to cover my $12 lunch but wanted to make sure before I called.

I had enough, so I call. I speak with some woman who tells me that my card has been locked since friday and that someone from the fraud department should have contacted me. No one did. She checks to make sure they have my correct number. They do. She then proceeds to direct my call to the fraud department. I wait on hold for 10 minutes and finally speak with someone.

I give them all my personal information only to find out its a 3rd PARTY COMPANY that has nothing to do with my debit card. So I've basically given a complete stranger personal information about myself.

So now I'm annoyed. I'm juggling my cell on one shoulder trying to eat my lunch with a pair of chopsticks with the other hand.

I get in touch with a second person. Explain what happened. She directs me to ANOTHER 3rd PARTY SERVICE. I again give them all my personal information only to discover that they have nothing to do with debit cards.

I call back a 3rd time. I IMMEDIATELY ask to speak with a supervisor. You want to know what he tells me? That if I got the letter than my debit card was going to be closed and that I must have misunderstood what the woman had told me last week. MISUNDERSTOOD?! I'm not sure how I was unable to comprehend a simple answer from a direct question.

ME: So my debit card will not be closed?

CS: That's correct.

Right...and because I don't have hundreds of thousands in the bank NOTHING is going to happen. They don't care if they loose my business.

Review about: Capital One Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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