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My Menards Capital One credit card on line access has been restricted. they let me spend the money but they will not let me go on line and pay the bill.

It is like they do not want to be paid. I am a hospital worker (front line) and do not need this added stress. This is the 2nd time they have denied access to verify the same charges from January. They send you a link to scan you ID but it will not read a new ID.

And apparently they do not have the ability to transfer you to a supervisor on the phone. Funny when I call about my other Capital one Card they can transfer me. So out of my busy non-stop stressed life I have to take time out of my day to call and make this payment during my work time (because they are not open when I am off). Now they want me to take the time I do not have to find and fax them proof of who I am and proof of address.

I did not need any of this to open the account or to send on the account, but to pay on the account I need to prove who I am. This is the most messed up think I have ever encountered. Also when you finally get a call from a supervisor they will not let you talk to a manager, because there is nothing a manager can do either.

I am being interviewed tomorrow by our newspaper about the challenges we are facing and stress, this subject may come up. This is the only credit card company I am having trouble with and I have many.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

Preferred solution: let me pay on line i do not care if i can use the credit card but let me pay it..

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Congratulations!!! You're among the first to pull the newly minted "frontline medical" card.

I'll tie a ribbon around a tree for you. If you're so worried about paying your bill, mail the thing in and be done with it. Here's the thing princess, this company, as well as others, had to scramble to get laptops to their agent's home, build a secure network and train people how to do things in a short time. You didn't think these people were in the office, did you?

Just because one was trained properly doesn't mean the other was or has the same equipment or permissions to do what the other did. No one wants to talk to someone like you, if they can dump you by sending you to the magic manager, then they will do that in a heartbeat because they don't need the stress. The stress you'll probably dismiss as it's their job to deal with stress. Are you picking up what I'm throwing down?

It's funny you seem to have time to peck out this drivel.

What a loser.. OK...Losers love to say this...."You must work for them."


Seriously?! You're calling a nurse attempting to pay her bills a loser.

What is wrong with you? Post an apology for your ridiculous rant, and think twice before being so needlessly mean to a front-line worker in a time of crisis!


No one cares....

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